Start a career that can make $300,000 a year without going to college

Its a common belief that to make $300,000 a year you need a college education. Common but not quite true. While there are many more jobs available if you have college, there is an entire industry that pays very well and needs laborers. Its the oil industry.

There is probably no resource more valuable than oil at the present moment. Oil powers transportation and is the base ingredient in plastic. China has finally come into the 21st century and is growing like a weed. They need all the natural resources they can get their hands on. The main resource they need is oil.

The price of oil is near all time highs and bound to go higher. Oil companies are reporting record profits. They are exploring at a never heard of rate. They need strong, hard men and women to do the work. The hours are long, sometime 12 hours per day, however, after 14 days, there is a 14 day break.

Starting pay for general laborers is $300/day

Interestingly, there are more jobs than there are applicants. Promotions come quickly and from within so in a few short years, a $300,000/yr income is not only achievable, it is normal. The entry level job is a Roustabout. In a couple years it is possible to become a Roughneck, sort of a supervisor over several roustabouts.

How do you get hired?

I’m going to give you the straight answers. If you have a lot of experience already or special skills like underwater welding or an engineering degree, you can probably send them a resume and they’ll call.

But for someone with no experience, you need to call them

How do you find the jobs?

You could hire an employment agency. If they find you a job, they want to get paid. If you have a skill that is hard to fill, oil companies will pay the employment agency for you but if you don’t have any special skills or experience, you’ll have to pay. Employment agencies charge up to one third of the first years wages. That can run as high as $10-$15,000.

What are some other ways?

You’ll need to contact the companies yourself. The first thing you’ll need is a list of companies that has general laborer openings. In the past they ran ads in the newspapers. Sometimes they will run ads on job sites like Monster but that costs them money so they only do it when they can’t fill an opening.

There are companies that blast resumes to oil companies

You can get your resume posted on an Oil Workers site and blasts your resume to 1200 companies. This is an extremely easy way to get a job if you have experience or something that will make you stand out. If you don’t have experience, its like throwing your name in a hat and hoping they pick you. If you would like to try this method, CLICK HERE.

How well does this work?

Actually pretty good. It may take several weeks or months or it may not work at all. The problem is you won’t know right away so you end up wasting time. If you are already working or on unemployment, you can take all the time you need.

If you need to land a job soon, you need a list of job openings

The highest rated companies that specializes in finding jobs in the oil industry is Oil Career. They research the market an post job openings as they come up. You can contact the companies directly yourself. They will direct you to either fill out an online application or send a resume. Make sure you write down the name and extension number of the person you speak to. You’ll want to call them to followup on your conversation. The trick is to call them every few days. You actually want to be a pest so they know your name and recommend you for the next position that comes up to get rid of you.

So what do you get?
  • Weekly (or more) Job Application Updates.
  • Recruiting companies online applications the very same day we get them.
  • Your own online resume page
  • You can update your Online Resume at any time.
  • Job Search Company Vacancies.

Good luck to you in your job search. With a little persistence, you should get a job quickly, even with no prior experience. You’ll start as at about $300 per day or $4200 every 14 days. After a couple of years, you’ll be up to $400-$500 per day.

Apply On-Line For Oil Rig Jobs

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